How Important Is Title?

It is amazing how many home purchasers would rather not have to deal with a title company to avoid the fees or extra hassle of providing information and waiting on them to get the information together and recorded.  But Title is the most basic and most important aspect of buying a new home. Title does an number of important things. First, it insures that you own what you say you own. It takes a look at the property records, the legal description of the property, and makes sure that no one else can lay claim to any portion of what you are buying. Second, it insures the property you buy.  Heaven forbid, some raise a claim to your property. But if they do, the title company will compensate for any losses you incur. Third, Title companies rarely like to be left out of the closing. In fact, many insist on being the escrow against for the transaction. This eliminates the need to hire a real estate closer or a bank to hold your funds. Finally, Title Companies makes sure that everything gets recorded. Recordation of the transaction is extremely important to insure that everyone has notice that you own your property.

With all these things said, choosing a title company is extremely important. That is why working with OBLS insures that you work with professionals throughout the entire process. Our network of professionals, as well as our legal expertise, can provide you the appropriate level of commitment for you to make knowledgeable decisions.


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The New Generation Comes In Second

We have been looking at the disparity between different generations in purchasing power.  The Article below is an indication of the stark contrast between the new and older generations. It appears that second home purchases are back in the swing of the overall market. One question I am asking is: Who are they buying from? With second homes becoming a profitable goal, the gap between the generations continue to be of concern. With the homes being bought by the older generations, not until death, sale, or flip will these homes become marketable to younger generations. This causes the market to show favor to sellers.

Recently, I spoke with a Jason Ellis, at Madison & Company Properties, and he indicating that supply limited.  Homes for sale are getting 10-15 offers, which are usually above asking price. While their appears to be no ghost inventory, the idea of having a favorable opportunity to buy, when you have to finance with a low down payment, is very limited.


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Generations – Equalizing Eachother?

There are a number of households that are in their spending phase that just aren’t spending.  Bloomberg recently discussed the contrasts between the retiring generation and the new family generation.  The spending of the retiring generation is coming to an end as they prepare for the golden years.  The spending of new families are slow to get started.

You family, like my own (2 parents, 2 kids w/ one on the way), find it hard to reach the American Dream. While we are happy enough, the lives we thought we would have had by now are being put off for 3 to 5 years beyond what our expectations where. Instead of owning homes at 30, its 35.  Instead of having a retirement nest egg at 25, its 30 (if you don’t have kids to think about).

But what does this mean? It means that the economy doesn’t have the number of drivers it had in the past.  Fewer new families are buying new things for kids, for the house, for general overall welfare.  A few of my friends have told me that the houses they think fit their family (i.e. number of rooms, proximity to good schools, etc.) are financially out of reach.

Sot he future holds a slow, but steady future for American.  The New Family generation certainly aren’t resting on their plight.  They are pinching pennies and smiling about other aspects of their lives. Check out the Article for more news:

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A New Era For Electronic Records – Is There Ink To Back It Up?

Not much else to add in this post except that this will usher in a new era in evidence.  How many contracts do we sign electronically these days?  Almost all of mine are moving that way.


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Mortgage Slowdown, People Slowdown

As we look into the future of home prices, the development of a new generation, and the prediction that our economy is on the rise, we have to remember that we are not out of the woods just yet.  Cash flow across the nation is not catching up with the market as would be hopeful. This next generation is facing a budget crunch unknown to the generation. I know the 1980s were hard, but from what I have gathered from my colleagues of that generation, we are seeing it all at once.  They saw it in waves, but consistent waves.

Either way, the 1980s were so long ago that we are about to repeat some of the same issues we saw then: (1) rising prices, general inflation, slow liquidity, and a generation that waited to get into their “professions” after graduation. In fact, many waited unwillingly in recent years.

No matter what, it is important that the retiring generation find better ways to bring the next generations into the fold and for the next generation to be willing to listen (yeah, they are stubborn) to what is next.


The Commercial Generation Bulge

It is interesting to think that as generations come and go the impact they leave on society will last for many generations to come.  While we sit and ponder the implementation of ObamaCare, the Economic Recovery, and how many tweets we may tweet in our lives, the commercial real estate market may be hitting a hay day. In fact, it may be leaving the Baby Boomer generation’s mark on society.

It is clear that the commercial real estate market is highly influx.  With a generation of paper-based business people hitting retirement, the size of an office space is squeezed into tiny apartments across the country for the next generation.  So what to do with all that space?

I work with a wonderful client down in the Cherry Creek North area of Denver, Colorado.  It is a nice office with a great staff.  But I find it amusing to see empty storage shelves and draws all over the office.  Yet, I find myself completely connected to the way it looks.  It looks like we have a lot of stuff going on. It looks like we need to keep a lot of stuff.

But the next generation is realizing that they can keep their things stored on tiny storage units or on the “cloud.” So this office stuff is becoming more obsolete. With that in mind, I know I could lose a few feet in my office and still feel like I have a good size office.

So let me get to the point: The baby boomer generation who want their last big office space will be leaving the next generation with . . . lots of space! The work they do in the next ten years in our commercial markets will have us, the next generation, finding new ways to use too much space.

I am excited to see what I can turn my home office into. Are you?

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